Thursday, December 27, 2007

GM Tee discount code!

I came across a most unique T-shirt site, called GM Tee. The prints are gorgeous and epitomize all that I've grown up around while living in Hong Kong. It is based in Hong Kong but the designs wield a whole range of beautiful Asian sights.

What is even more wonderful is everyone can enjoy a 10% discount at their online shop with Get Dressed Hong Kong!'s own discount code - gdhk - which will expire on the 10th of January.

All the women's T-shirts look lusciously long, which is so hard to find in Hong Kong, my favourite of the women's Tees:

'Maneki Neko', literally means "Beconing Cat" is the cute lucky cat we see at every shop entrance. This is my favourite and I'm definitely getting myself one.

'Geisha' is so beautiful.

A 'Samurai Teddy', I love the colour of the Tee and the image is so wonderful.

And of the men's:

'Rainmaker' Toad of immortality with a cherry blossom print pattern.

'Japanese Castle', that resembles every pagoda HK children ever spent their childhood running around.

'Chinese Dragon'.

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