Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My mission

I'm back and I have the greatest mission of all time: to stock up on the warmest clothes ever. England weather is colder than anything I've ever had to endure and I'm terrified for January. Waking up is the hardest. My warmest clothes consist of a denim jacket, jeans (which have a hole at the knee and lets in a draft of cold) and a few holy socks!So, I've made a list of essential winter clothes I need to collect while I'm back in Hong Kong! And each time I find an item I will post where I got it. It will be my winter shopping diary.
* Good thick socks
* Beautiful tights and leggings

photo by gpwarlow

* Warm coats and jackets
* Scarves
* Pashminas (I'm especially interested in the patterned ones)
* The compulsory Ugg boots. (I've never been such a fan of them until recently, I think black ones look killer with a white pair of tights)
* Wellington boots for the infamous UK weather
* Gloves

While I've never bought anything on ebay before, there are a few items I have been watching from this shop. I've also got my eyes on a black pair of Ugg boots on ebay. 

I can tell Granville and I will be reunited very soon. <3>


Rage said...

The boots here are amazing!!!!

Ive bought two pairs since ive been back and i dont think thats enough.

Jessica said...

hello! during the school year i'm in new york, and i had been looking ALL over for coloured tights... and yesterday managed to find some very soft japanese 80-denier carrot-colored ones at citysuper! they range in price from $59-79 and they are so luxe. you probably knew this already though! they've also got some insulating ones for over $100 but SO WORTH IT.

Anonymous said...

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